Canon 318M Autozoom 8mm

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Canon 318M Autozoom  8mm

Super 8 type 8mm movie camera
Image Size
4.2 x 5.7 mm (Projection image size: 4 x 5.4mm)
Super 8 film cartridge
Focal Length/Speed
10 - 30mm f/1.8 (11 elements in 9 groups, including 3 new type glass elements). Spectra coating.
Zooming Ratio
Manual (Focusing knob rotating zone focusing, front lens group linear extension system), 1.5 m to infinity, snap shot marks for NEAR at 3.5 m, FAR at 14 m
Macro Shooting
Close distance shooting by turning the zoom ring to “M.” Close-up shooting at 22.5 cm from the film plane mark is possible. Field of view: 75 x 104 mm
Power zooming (Approx. 5.5 sec.) coupled to film drive during shutter release and manual zooming with the zooming ring.
Filter Size
40 mm
Single-lens reflex type
None. Guess focusing. Snap marks.
Dioptric Adjustment
-3 to +1 diopter
Viewfinder Information
Under exposure warning mark. Viewfinder screen turns to yellow for macro shooting.
Exposure Control
Automatic aperture setting coupled to loaded film speed and shooting speed.
Exposure Mater
TTL measuring CdS meter
Metering Range
ISO 160, f/1.8, 18 fps - ISO 25, f/22, 18 fps
Film Speed
Automatic ISO setting by film cartridge
Tungsten type film: ISO 40 and 160
Daylight type film: ISO 25 and 100
CCA Filter
A Color Conversion filter A is built-in to use tungsten type film under daylight. The CCA filter is automatically cancelled with loading of a daylight type film cartridge. Manual cancellation of the CCA filter is possible with an adapter.
Film Drive
Power filming by a high performance micro-motor
Filming Speed
18 fps and single frame
Power Source
Three AA batteries for film drive, zooming and TTL exposure metering.
Battery Life
Sufficient power for 7 film cartridges with manganese batteries and 14 film cartridges with alkaline manganese batteries under normal temperature
Footage Counter
Counts up. Automatic resetting by unloading of a cartridge.
Shutter Opening
160 degrees
Release Socket
Socket for single frame.
Remote Control
Not available.
Folding type. Also prevents unwilled shutter release.
Dimensions (W x H x D)
60 x 80.6 x 172 mm
470 g (Body only)

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